7 DIY Clothing Ideas ...

A lot of fashion looks these days can be achieved with a bit of a do-it-yourself initiative. Recent cult items such as studded bags, scalloped shorts, or cut-out shirts can easily be worked into your wardrobe on a budget. DIY is also a great way to revive old or unused clothing. DIYs don’t have to be overly complicated – sometimes the most effective ones are the simplest. Take a look at a few DIY clothing ideas below.

1. Scalloped Hems

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Image source: flickr.com

Scallop trims are hot on the fashion scene right now. They can be found on everything from shorts to shoes. You can easily create your own scallop hemlines at home. Find an item of clothing you wish to alter, draw or trace on a scallop silhouette, cut, and then sew or seal the hem. Allow anything from a few hours to a day to complete this DIY project.

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