Dinner in 15: Chinese Corn and Crab Soup


Take that Rachael Ray! You can do dinner in 30 and I can do it in half the time. With Ms. Ray as inspiration, I set out to make a quick meal that is tasty and takes a lot of help from the supermarket. Canned crabmeat - Costco sells a really delicious one in the refrigerator section - combined with canned corn and store bought chicken broth are the ingredients that make this super simple, incredibly easy dinner. Very little prep (grate some ginger, chop a few green onions) is important to creating swift dinners like this one, so when browsing recipes for quick fix dinners be sure to check out how much chopping, grating, and squeezing is involved. Great for a light and fresh meal or to be served as the first course at a Chinese themed dinner party. Want the recipe? Well,

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