Dina Lohan Still the Best Mom Ever


While her daughter Lindsay Lohan is off in rehab, mother of the year, Dina Lohan, is in talks with E! to get her own reality show called "Mom-ager" in which she'll "try to turn her youngest children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, into stars." An insider tells Page Six:

"Can you believe that? She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a 'star' and living vicariously through her - and now she's going to do the same to the other two? How the [bleep] can E! do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn't get to have."

Well this is just a really really great idea. I mean, sliced bread? That was pretty good, but this makes that look like cow poo. Look how great Lindsay Lohan turned out. Why do other mothers even try? They should just give up now and let Dina Lohan raise their children. Or, you know, a wild badger. They'd probably turn out the same.

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