Dina Lohan is All Rainbows and Furry Animals


After learning that Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab, Stars David Caplan contacted Lindsay’s manager-mom, Dina Lohan for comment. According to Star, Dina said,

“I’m so proud of her. She’s really in a good place right now, spiritually and mentally. She’s in an amazing, phenomenal place. She’s 20 and she’s solid, and she’s doing what she needs to do. I don’t know that many people who are that secure. It’s all about her, and getting back on track. She’s fine β€” she’s amazingly fine.”

Spiritually Lindsay has realized she’s a drunken mess, whereas mentally, she has realized alcohol has killed several brain cells. And, in addition, physically, she is surrounded by several alcohol and drug dependent people hoping for commissary money