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Celebrity endorsed, "The 5-Factor Diet" has been around for awhile, but I have recently stumbled upon it during my internet travels and it peaked my interest. It seems that everyone from John Mayer to Kanye West are supporting this diet.

"5-Factor is not a diet, in the sense that there's nothing to fall off of. There's nothing to say goodbye to, and nothing to long for. It is almost too good to be true!" John Mayer

"The 5-Factor Diet saved me on tour. I can't believe there is healthy food that tastes this good. I've never been in better shape!" Kanye West

So what is the 5-Factor diet? Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer, is the creator of the five factor diet and it is said that he created it exclusively for celebrities. The “5” comes from the amount of meals you should have a day and the “5” food elements you should include in your diet.

The five elements are:

• Protein (lean chicken or fish)
• Complex Carbs (fruits and veggies)
• Fiber (whole grains)
• Fat (monounsaturated)
• Fluids (water or sugar-free)

The “5” also relates to recipes that have no more than “5” ingredients or take no more than “5” minutes to prep or to cook them.

There are also twenty five minute workouts that contain “5” exercises that you can perform in “5” minutes.

Take a gander at what WebMD has to say about this diet, and decide for yourself.

Have any of you out there tried the 5-Factor Diet? If so, tell us how it worked or didn’t work for you.

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