Diane Von Furstenberg Marlene Evening Shoulder Bag ...


I'd like to think of myself as a fashion chameleon. One day, I love all things lacy and pola-dotted, on another I like my sweatshirts, on yet another my sky high heels and scarlet nails and for today I'm thinking elegance with an edge. And that brings me to my find of the day,the Diane von Furstenberg Marlene Evening shoulder bag.

What's So Fab about It: You just can't go wrong with studs. The bag also has the ability to look sexy without overpowering you, if you know what I mean. Look carefully and you might even see a smiley face in there!

Where Would I Wear it: Who needs a man when you can dazzle at any cocktail party with this bag. Slip it over your shoulder or carry it as a clutch, either way, you're bound to make an entrance with this one.

How Many Tall Lattes it's Worth: 232

Where to Look 4 It: net-a-porter.com

The Diane von Furstenberg Marlene Evening shoulder bag could be your perfect little companion for many a occassion.Where are you going to carry yours?

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