7. Taking up for Girls Who Shave Their Heads

I could have put something like “Getting a Buzz Cut” on here instead, but Britney was going through a hard time – LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! See, Brit took a ride on the crazy train too, but she's climbed back up to the top on her own. Chris Crocker, however, clawed his way to the bottom, amidst perfectly coiffed hair and running eyeliner, by taking up for Britney. You know, I think he's even got a pseudo record deal to go with his pseudo-fame... But okay, even I have to admit -- the boy is pretty!

Strange (and ludicrous) tattoos, outlandish branding claims, psychotic talk show appearances … celebrities and quasi-stars have done some really dumb things, don't you think? And all to increase their notoriety. As these desperate acts that led to pseudo-fame prove, these people take the whole philosophy that any press is good press way, way too seriously. It's really not. What's the worst decision you've ever witnessed a celebrity make?

Top Image Source: weheartit.com