Deepsky's Ghost Featuring Jes


good morning everybody! i've been obsessed with this song from los angeles electro band deepsky (myspace) featuring jes (myspace) on vocals called ghost - a really nice blend of trance, dance and a bit of rock! it was on the dance billboard chart a few months ago - plus the track is featured on jes' debut album released earlier this year called disconnect - she's a native of NYC and i'm totally digging her style of 'rocktronica' - i would highly recommend checking jes out (i love the picture of her below) jes was out & about recently opening for tiësto's element of life tour and plans to release another album sometime next year! check out the 'phynn remix' of ghost - plus i've also added the video made with footage of touring with tiësto - gosh that must have been so much fun (a lot more fun than most of us are having on a monday...ugh) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

» listen to deepsky featuring jes ghost - phynn remix (.mp3 9.4mb)


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