Death by a Celebrity



>> We all know** celebrities do irrational things -- they've even been known to kill. But you didn't think they might be killing off all the emerging fashion talent, did you? I was shocked to read in the NY Times today that Phillip Lim, who I thought was doing very well -- everywhere I look, his clothes are popping up for sale -- expects his collection to reach $30 million in sales for the year, while celebrity lines like those of Sean Combs or Jennifer Lopez typically break the $100 million within their first or second year. Now stepping back, whose clothes would I rather see on myself -- well, no-brainer! Phillip Lim, of course.

I haven't crunched any numbers, so I'm just going off this article, but it does make me a little worried for the future of fashion. Are we all going to be vying to wear Bitten by SJP in the future, because that will be considered luxury? I really really really hope not.

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