Dear Bag Snob, Please Help!

>Dear Bag Snob (or Bag Snob readers)-
Normally I would go to friends for advice, but none of my friends are into fashion as much as I am. Anyway I need a new bag, something light that I can literally throw around when I run errands etc... The bags that I like the most are all older bags. Normally I would get a new bag (new for the season), but I just want something that I really like and will use a lot. I do not care if it is not a brand new design.

So I have narrowed it down:
Balenciaga Hobo (similar to the played out Motorcycle Le Dix but hobo shape) in Olive Green. Love the color and it is very light.

**Miu Miu Coffer bag **(on your top 10 list), in brown or white leather.

YSL reversible bag. Large size and black/silver color. Please help!!!

Hi Irena,

You certainly came to the right place to get advice on your new bag. After taking consideration of your needs, we've come to the conclusion that the Balenciaga Le Dix hobo would be best. Our main reason for picking this bag is your desire for a light bag that you can throw around. The Miu Miu coffer, a great bag, is heavy and not something you'd throw around. The YSL reversible tote is also fabulous but again, it is not as light as the Le Dix hobo.

We've trashed the over exposed Le Dix in the past but lately it's becoming retro and vintage-y to us (I've recently pulled out my old dark brown le dix from 6 years ago!) Anything that lasts more than 5 years in my closet is a classic destined for the Bag Snob museum and the Balenciaga certainly fits the bill. I also love the olive green color, it will be a neutral in your wardrobe and be easy to use daily.

Let us know what you decide on!

Bag Snob

P.S.(We'd love to hear what everyone else thinks she should get. Leave Irena a comment!)

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