Deals & Steals Added to TBF Daily ...

June 13, 2007

**Deals & Steals added to TBF Daily **
There are so many deals going on right now, it’s madness. One minute there will be the perfect designer handbag on the virtual clearance shelf marked down to an exceptionally low price, then minutes later you will be staring at a blank page or a stupid “no longer in stock” sign. Well one way you can keep up to date on all these deals soon as they get marked down is by stopping over in TBF every once and a while (bookmark it) and browse the “Deals & Steals” Continuous Threads for specific Designers.

Here are a couple (only a select few) threads for you to browse through…

> Deals & Steals: Balenciaga Handbags (continuous thread)
> Deals & Steals: Miu Miu Handbags (continuous thread)
> Deals & Steals: Marc Jacobs Handbags (continuous thread)
> Deals & Steals: Fendi Handbags (continuous thread)
> Deals & Steals: Marc BY Marc Jacobs Handbags (continuous thread)
> Deals & Steals: Burberry Handbags (continuous thread)

Keep in mind these threads will be continuously updated by me or other members. So if you do not see any bags you like now, bookmark it and come back later. Or join us and start posting

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