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In einer Make-up-Furche stecken? Blättern Sie durch diese erstaunlichen Make-up Looks für sofortige Inspiration...

I don't know about you, but I find myself in a beauty every now and then. Most of the time, it's lack of time that prevents me from experimenting with new hues and trying out new looks. Either way, there's inspiration everywhere, we just have to open our lined eyes and see it! Check out some of these gorgeous makeup looks and get inspired now!

Table of contents:

  1. Plum Makeup
  2. Dramatic Cat Eye
  3. Lush Lashes
  4. White Liner
  5. Gold Rush
  6. Naturally Pretty
  7. Wash of Color
  8. Blue Eye Shadow
  9. Neutrals
  10. Elegant Eyes
  11. Melon
  12. The Eyes Have It
  13. Bold Eyes
  14. Bronzed
  15. Blushing Beauty
  16. No Makeup Makeup
  17. Naturally Neutral
  18. Wide-eyed
  19. Reds
  20. Liner and Lips

1 Plum Makeup

Via {On Trend} Plum Makeup •

I love smokey eyes that feature a different color other than the standard dark colors. Plum looks gorgeous with her eye color!

2 Dramatic Cat Eye

Via How to Apply Eyeliner: 10

Look at this intricate and incredible eye liner! I love the berry colored lip, too.

3 Lush Lashes

Via How to Apply Foundation Properly

OK, so not only is her foundation flawless, her lashes are to die for! Colored contacts is also a fun way to change up your look4. Simple yet sexy

Via Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Instructions

Sleek hair with a vampy lip and perfectly-lined eyes are a match made in makeup heaven!

5 White Liner

Via Pageant/Event Makeup Transformation

The white eyeliner on her waterline really brings out her natural eye color and makes her eyes pop!

6 Gold Rush

Via makeup for Black women

Brows on fleek, lips on fleek, everything on fleek!

7 Naturally Pretty

Via How to Look Cute, but

Naturally pretty and classic makeup never gets old!

8 Wash of Color

Via Photo blogs And Albums

Zoe Saldana is stunning no matter what type of makeup she wears. In this photo, she wears a simple but pretty wash of color on her lids for a barely there but better look.

9 Blue Eye Shadow

Via 100% Effective Makeup Tips for

I think photo proves that blue eye shadow can look good on different skin tones and eye colors. I can't take my eyes off this dazzling look!

10 Neutrals

Via 18 Absolutely Stunning Wedding Makeup

The eye makeup along with the nude lip and messy fishtail braid is so laid back yet ladylike!

11 Elegant Eyes

Via African American Wedding Hair

There is so much inspiration in this one photo! Her hair is great for wedding or other special occasions. La la's eye makeup is seriously pretty, and her lip color is the perfect shade of pink!

12 Melon

Via 32 Makeup Tips That Nobody

Although her lips really stand out in this look, the simple eye makeup and highlighting is worthy of replicating, too.

13 The Eyes Have It

Via How to Get that Fresh

A super low-key makeup look with perfectly groomed brows and a thick liner is all you need.

14 Bold Eyes

Via 40 Eye Makeup Looks for

Sonam Kapoor is mesmerizing with her bold brows and smoky eyes.

15 Bronzed

Via So Glam... by Ashley Meadows

Giselle's look is simple but effective to showcase her dreamy complexion and eyes.

16 Blushing Beauty

Via Makeup Ideas with Red Lipstick

Blush is a key item in creating a flawless look and helping brighten up your complexion.

17 No Makeup Makeup

Via Lass

This is exactly the look I want to achieve when I try the "no-makeup" look. So fresh and natural!

18 Naturally Neutral


Demi Lovato's look here is polished and features such easy-to-use neutrals.

19 Wide-eyed

Via Brown Foundation – Yes or

Loving the matte lip with the mile-long lashes!

20 Reds

Via 27 Exciting Hair Colour Ideas

When your hair is this gorgeous, I would do my makeup to match. This deep red lip and brown eye shadow perfectly compliments her fair skin and ravishing red hair.

21 Liner and Lips

Via How to contouring and highlighting

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a black liner and a bright red lip!

I hope these photos gave you some ideas to try something different. While you may have seen or even tried some of these looks before. Remember that classic never goes out of style!

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