DaysAgo, Digital Day Counter ...

The inside of our fridge is pretty typical - a few tupperware containers of leftovers. How long these containers have been around is anybody's guess. DaysAgo is a small, round digital device that will keep track of how old your food is. You activate the gadget to start the sequence, then stick it on your food container with either the magnet or suction cup. Pretty simple and no more guessing. The inventors of DaysAgo had the idea for keeping track of half-full baby food jars in the fridge which can only be kept fresh a few days. Obviously, it can be used for other foods and so the possibilities are endless. Now, if you live with a chef-husband like I do who just happens to have a certifiicate for food safety and handling, he might scoff at the idea since he usually just does the smell and toss method, not to mention that he suggests we can just write the date on masking tape with a sharpie like they do at work. But I can't resist a new kitchen gadget so I might just start sticking these things on everything just to spite him. DaysAgo just won an iParenting Media Awards for the Greatest Products of 2006. And as a special offer to our readers, enter "babygadget" in the coupon code field at checkout to get 25% off your order. [...]

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