David Beckham's Marriage Secrets

Would you like to discover the secrets behind a high-profile marriage like David and Victoria Beckham's?

The oft-photographed star couple seems to have a picture-perfect marriage, so what gives? David Beckham reveals to OK! Magazine that they do undergo a lot of pressure as a couple. However, it's their three little cutie pie kids which takes all the pressure off.

"Either of us could have had the worst day at work, but it doesn’t matter because then you come home and see your sons smiling."
-OK! Magazine

So what was the first thing which attracted the gorgeous football superstar to his fashion-forward wife? Her legs! Posh Spice's miniskirt outfits were what attracted David to her in the first place.

‘I’d always say: “The one with the bob, the one with the legs. And that was my answer – all because she had these amazing legs."

Awww… what we wouldn't have given to have Victoria's amazing legs.