Dating Advice: 10 Classic Mistakes Women Make with Men. #2 Mistake ...

Previous time we had a nice talk on #1 mistake ladies make with men and in this article we'll go on to** a classic mistake #2, which is : Sharing How You Feel Too Early**.
So, here is the men's vue of the issue:

"...**Another huge and unfortunate mistake that most women make with men is sharing how they "feel" too early on**.
Attractive, single, successful men are rare. They get** a LOT of attention from women**. Most women don't realize this, but attractive men are being approached in one way or another all the time by women.
And guess what?
Attractive wen have usually dated a lot of women. That's right. They have EXPERIENCE. They know what to expect. And one thing that turns an attractive men off and sends him running away faster than just about anything... It's a woman who starts saying "You know, I really, REALLY like you" after one or two dates.

This signals to the man that you're just like one of those "clingy" stereotype women who want to rush into a relationship and can't control yourself from wanting a man to fulfill them and complete their lives.
This does NOT spell ATTRACTION for a man.
Don't do it. Lean back. Relax..."
A. Carter

Well, what can I say? In this very issue Mr. Carter as right as never. Fortunately, I didn't have such a sad experience myself (in books I read in childhood the Prince was the first to utter the "L" word, not the Princess) but I saw this happenning to some nice people . I can't say that being active on the girl's part is totally wrong, no. Many male friends of mine DO like active ladies ( as a result of fear of rejection). But the other half of my friends state that they can't stand pushy women ( although they think it is OK in certain situations, when she is to draw the line or say her firm word).

If to speak about real life experience, two close girlfriends of mine became the victims of their emotinal nature and made the mistake in question . They **were first to tell **their boyfriends about their feelings. And as a result, they spoiled relatively nice relationships having scared away their beloved ones who would have probably said about their love in several weeks' time.

The trick is** not to say aloud this "I love you"** phrase even it is the only thought there is in your head. If you are really in love with him, the risk is too high. He may say: I love you too, or say nothing - I don't think that silence is what you want to hear after you confession. And the worst case possible in this situation is that he **says nothing and just disappeares from you life **(some of them try to pull away smoothly, cutting down on your dates and phone calls, others can be less preserving - they just run for their lives!)

The reason of such reaction is the fact that:** MEN VALUE THEIR PERSONAL FREEDOM**. And your "I love you" is like a rope you are trying to tie him with. He feels like you are taking over him, that's why it can make a guy run away even if he really liked you. It is **vitally important **that the **man is ready for relationships and terminology that goes with it. And the best indicator of him being ready is HIS "I love you"**. So, to be on the safe side, I'd advise to be more patient and to wait for him to play his traditional part. If he never manages to tell you about his feeling, you stay in the winning team anyway : you won't find yourself in an embarassing "silent situation" (so, your pride is not hurt) and you'll have time to think **whether such a coward is worth your feelings after all :)
Well, for now that's all, ladies, if you have any experience in the field to share, you are very welcome. Every opinion will be very helpful! See you in #3 mistake article! Good luck! :)