7 Daring Backless Dresses ...

Dare to be different in a backless dress. Be warned though, not everyone can (or would want to, for that matter) wear a backless dress. For one, backless dresses make wearing a bra near impossible. They may look good, but for most people practicality wins out in the end. If you are one of the fearless - take inspiration from the following daring backless dresses.

1. Elizabeth and James Heather Backless Jersey Dress

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Price: $465.00 at net-a-porter.com
For your first foray in to the daring backless dresses trend, choose a dress with a classic cut and colour. This dress has a classic skater-style silhouette, leather trim waistband, and open back. For an evening affair, pair this dress with sequined shoes and bold metallic accents.

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