7 Cute, Kitschy Lamps ...

Sometimes, when you’ve just finished decorating a room, you find that it’s missing… something… and you’re not sure what. A toss pillow? A piece of wall art? Before you spend too much on adding too many new pieces, try a cute, kitschy lamp… you’ll be surprised how much va-voom one can add to a room! Not sure what I mean? Keep reading! Here are 7 cute, kitschy lamps to consider.

1. Day to Night Solar-Powered Lanterns

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Price: $10.99 at modcloth.com
These retro-inspired lamps come in four fun, bright colors: pink, green, yellow, and white. Use them all in one color, or mix-and-match! They’re solar-powered, so there’s no fuss with batteries or plugs, and they can be used indoors or out (but you’ll want to bring them inside when your summer party is over).

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