7 Cute Accessories for Your Bathroom ...

When we think “re-decorate” we usually think of our living room or bedroom, but we rarely think of our poor boring bathroom… why is that? We do spend some time in there, getting all prettied up, so why not liven it up a bit, give it an update, too? It doesn’t have to be a decorating ordeal, either. Just a few new accessories can turn a bland bathroom into a mini retreat… here are 7 cute accessories for your bathroom to give you some ideas.

1. Bird Bath-room Soap Dish

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Price: $16.99 at modcloth.com
This sweet little birdie is perched on the edge of this plain white ceramic dish, just waiting for a bar of soap, or perhaps your rings as you wash your hands. The dish measures 5¾ inches long by 4¾ inches wide, just the right size for a standard bar of soap.

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