Cure Floppy Boot Syndrome in Your Closet

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Like a Cameron Diaz of the shoe world, boots don't seem to age well (sorry Cameron - I swear, I'm a fan!)

Boots don't fit in my closet shoe-holder, and when I put them on the floor of the closet they flop over, getting all creased and out-of-shape.

Until, that is, I got myself a few pairs of boot shapers. They're a lot like those plastic forms that stores use to display boots, which I've actually looked at enviously while shopping in the past, imagining how it would sound to ask, "These boots are hideous, but do you have the plastic leg in a size 8?"

There are lots of companies making boot shapers these days. I like this pack of 3 pairs for under $30 from, and there's single pairs and more size options available at
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