Cuba Gooding Jr. Saves Lives


Cuba Gooding Jr. is being called a hero for saving a shooting victim's life last week. Cuba was waiting in front of a restaurant when a kid who was bleeding from the neck collapsed in front of him. Cuba cradled him in his arms and hailed down a police car. Gatecrasher reports:

[Cuba] was waiting in his car outside a Hollywood restaurant "when he heard four gunshots," says a source. "Cuba was picking up dinner for his family on the night of Memorial Day," says the spy. "He saw a young kid holding his head and walked toward him. The kid was bleeding from his neck and collapsed." Gooding cradled the victim, described as a man around 20 years old, and called into the restaurant for towels. "They came out with paper towels and he said, 'No, we need real towels!'" says the source. The actor stemmed the bleeding and hailed a passing police car. He waited on the scene until an ambulance arrived.

I guess that's pretty cool, but if he really wanted to be a hero he should've jumped in front of the bullet, in slow motion, while going "Yeeeeaaaaarrrrgggh!"

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