Crocs Can Get You Nicked, and Not Just by the Fashion Police

Actor Martin Clunes has clearly got no taste in shoes, as his crocs got him into a spot of trouble with the law recently. It seems his choice of footwear caused some suspicion as to whether he should really be driving.

"The last time I came up to London I was nicked. I'd come up for work - and I got breathalysed. There was a football match on, so Soho was full of riot police."

"I was wearing Crocs, which are deadly on a wet pavements. Anyway, I was walking down the street all over the place, because it was wet and, ad I was skidding down the pavement, I clocked one of these riot police."

The TV actor added: "Sure enough when I got in the car to drive back home and drove past him he ran up and stuck his head right inside the car because he'd seen me coming down the street, slipping everywhere. He then said 'Have you been drinking?'

Clunes, who confessed that he had drunk one cocktail was taken into a back of police van for testing, but was cleared after being breathalysed.

Not so comfy now, eh?

[Image: Getty; via Digital Spy]

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