Crazy Nordstrom Shopping Trip Continued: the Christian Louboutin 'Iron' Khaki Leather Bag

My Nordstrom shopping trip was so exciting! (Because I went with actual money to spend, for once!) I've been eyeing this bag for quite a while since a friend of mine picked it up from Bluefly, for US$1000. Nevermind Christian Louboutin shoes (sorry Shoewawa!) I fell in love with the picture right away! Pining for red lining? Worry not, this 'Iron' leather bag is replete it: it boasts a shiny red interior, and inludes a bright red dust bag. As I wandered through the Nordstrom aisles, I spotted the 'Iron' hiding away behind a stiff black leather version, but I recognized the pyramid studs and 'X' hinges right away! The Bluefly picture is a wee bit deceptive, I must warn you; the 'Iron' is actually a much darker, golden color, with metallic golden stitching. It will be on sale June 6th for something like US$800 (down from the original price of US$1250!) and it is possible to pre-order if you sweet talk a salesperson. Shall I bite? Stay tuned to find out what else I oogled!

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