7 Craziest Lady Gaga Outfits ...

This lady has one wacky style! So wacky, in fact, that listing only the craziest Lady Gaga outfits could take some time! But let’s do it anyways! Come on, girls, all that crazy fashion can’t go unnoticed. Here, I’m going to list my top 7 craziest Lady Gaga outfits right now and I’m expecting you to tell me what you think about my choices.

1. Kermit the Frog Dress

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Image source: celebrilarity.com

Time & Place: July 2010, Interview for a German TV station

Oh dear, oh my! Wait until Miss Piggy finds out about this, that mean Gaga is really going to get what she deserved! Kaka, Gaga! Kaka! Kermit is a legend, I grew up watching and loving the Muppet Show and you can’t just take Kermit and make a dress out of him. You can’t replicate him, can’t bedazzle his eyelids and certainly can’t wear him! Thumbs up for the make-up, though, as she actually looked sweet and natural and that’s something we don’t get to see very often.

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