Coyly Provoking Great Hope (man, These Are Getting Really Bad)
Date: Still July 2006
How we met: It's CPGH =)
Previous flirtations: This post is continued from the ones below.
What we did:
After the beach, we went back to his place to shower. While he was in the other room, I quickly undressed, hopped in, and started one of the showerheads (he has two in his shower). CPGH followed me in, and turned on the other showerhead. We talked and laughed a bit about how natural it felt, and then he pulled me toward him and we kissed. It was very romantic.

However, when he started to go a little further, I reminded him that I had just gotten out of a relationship and didn't want to confuse feelings. I think I know the "man law" on this one: naked chick in the shower + previous sexual relationship with said naked chick = woohoo! (notice that bad relationship ended shortly before does not even factor into the equation....) CPGH being a total gentleman respected my request...until a few hours later in bed. Oh well, we both tried.

As you may remember, one of the goals for the weekend was to plan a way forward. We were having so much fun that I don't think that either of us wanted to broach any serious topics--which is how we got to this point in the first place. The night I arrived home, we talked on the phone. I pointed out we hadn't had any discussions, and asked what he wanted out of our relationship: a friendship, a "progressive" friendship, etc.

CPGH's response: "I want to marry you and I want to have children with you."

I was too stunned to even reply with a cutesy, "Jewish children?" I stuttered something about not knowing what to say, and we decided this wasn't really a phone-type conversation, and he would come to Boston for the CPGH-FDC Summit, Part Deux.

This monumental summit would take place three weeks later, and would coincide with the wedding anniversary of my parents, an event for which I had made a reservation for 3 at 6pm on a Friday evening weeks in advance. I checked with my parents, and they said they would love to see him. I therefore invited CPGH, and he said he would really enjoy having dinner with my parents (so cute). I changed the reservation to be for four people.

Nickname: Seriously, how bad are the titles getting? Why did I have to give him such an odd nickname?
FDS: 9.8 out of 10
How long it lasted: Next post will be the Boston trip. Then I'll really try to speed things along because the suspense is killing me as well =D

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