Could Paris Hilton Be Going through Drug Withdrawal?


Okay, we all know that Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Britney Spears have all been spotted with drugs at one time or another..heck two of these ladies have been to rehab!

Remember all of those photos from Paris Hilton’s “storage unit” that turned up on the net a few months ago. These photos showed our favorite heiress doing drugs! Pictures of Paris smoking weed, and who can forget the dude on Joe Francis’ yacht with cocaine all over his chest.

I LOVE PARIS! Don’t get me wrong. I think what she is going through is unnecessary. She does not deserve this - I feel sorry for her - all I’m saying is think about it….could it be cold turkey drug withdrawal that is making her go crazy?!!!!!

It’s hard as hell to stop using drugs full blown cold turkey - most starletts go to rehab for sure - could Paris be going through withdrawal alone in her jail cell?

Watch this video where she braggs about “We’re gonna get so coked up, you don’t even know”

Here’s another one….

Let me know what you guys think!!!!

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