Cosmo is Too Shy to Post Sex Positions Pictures?

There comes a time when we get tired of words and we just want pure visuals and action! Just take the case of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Most Creative Sex Positions Ever article. The headlines may be interesting but boy, do you think we care about words? We’re on a tight schedule here! We’re running a tight ship! We need all the booty action pronto! All these descriptions are so annoying, my brain hurts! Wusses!

So fine…we have erotic positions such as “doorway play,” “kitchen encounter” and “bathing booty” but come on! What is up with Cosmo? You guys are not afraid to describe it yet you can’t do all of us a favor and post the pictures? A bit too late to play an “oh, I am so uptight” card there, you wusses!

Maybe they should better post this video?

Come on, Cosmo, loosen up! We want a show!

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