Convertible Bag the Antrobus by Alison Antrobus

April 2, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Vanessa

Convertible Bag: The Antrobus by Alison Antrobus
I was doing some online shopping and came across a most unusual bag. It was unlike any other bag I have ever seen. On the outside it looked like a stylish, chic handbag, but the inside consisted of complex compartments and design. It combined architecture and fashion into one bag to create a stylish and practical way to carry around your most prized, everyday necessities. This bag is the Antrobus Bag created by Alison Antrobus. It is a handbag/drawer set/clutch converting bag. It was created to suit any and all of your needs. The Antrobus Bag is black leather with brushed golden accents. It begins as a geometric carryall where a two-drawer box can be pulled out and detached, making the top portion of the bag a smaller shoulder bag. The bottom portion of the bag can be zipped off and used as a clutch. The bottom portion of the bag is offered in additional colors allowing you to change the look of the bag.

This bag is amazing! Its more like 3 bags in one…a large carryall, a smaller shoulder bag, and a clutch. It retails at $1,250 at and three bags at that price definately isn’t a bad deal. The Antrobus Bag provides style, function, practicality and organization. This certainly is a bag of all trades!

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