Come up and See Me Sometime ...

The Cobbled Courtyard

I have been dying to show you this. Whenever I do a post about the area I live in I get many comments on how beautiful it is. Well why not come and see it in the flesh?

Our 2 good friends Simon and Nickey Forster have developed a wonderful cobbled courtyard, surrounded by ancient barns, into 4 luxury holiday apartments - Falstone Barns. This is 5 star luxury in a fabulous rural setting and the plus is that I am only up the road and will meet you and show you the area if you want to come.

You can see they have sense of humour, I mean look at what they can do with trees.

There are 4 apartments aptly named - Classic Opulent, French Bourgeois, Versace Glamour and Romantic Medieval.

Now remember we live in the cleanest place in England so this can only be good for your health.

A Tree In Romantic Medieval

I Named This Tree - Can You Be Arsed - The Other Side Is An Elephant

One of The Versace Glamour Bathrooms

One of Versace Glamour's Bedrooms

Simon & Nickey Pretending To Be Busy

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