Come Party with Me: Engagement Party - Drinks

The announcement of a marriage is an excellent reason for a party. I love the idea of making it a surprise by inviting intimate friends and close family over to a party and, along with your boyfriend (who has already proposed), announcing your engagement. If the announcement will be made at the soiree, the couple should host the engagement party. However, if the engagement is known it is typically thrown by the bride's parents. Another option (fellows please pay attention) is for the groom to host the party and surprise by proposing to his girlfriend in front of everyone. It's the most romantic if the groom lets all of the guests know the reason for the celebration, which can be easily conveyed in a short polite phone conversation. The last wedding I went to, the engagement party was the latter option and Ryan surprised Sarah on a vacation in Tahoe by getting down on one knee in their hotel room. Little did she know that he had rented the room next door as well and that all of their friends were waiting to commemorate the occasion. This week I am helping julieulie's parents plan an engagement for her and her husband-to-be, Scott. I created a collage (ideally of the couple) invite and chose the desserts to be on the menu. Today I am talking about what drinks should be poured during the fete, so please

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