Come Party with Me: Beach Picnic - the Look & Music


When planning a picnic on the beach, start by making a list of all of the things you need to bring. Incorporate the theme colors (mine are turquoise, yellow, and orange) into the beach blanket, beach chairs, plates, and napkins. Fill a big bucket with ice and cold beverages and toss a few throw pillows on the blankets so when night falls guests can lay back and gaze at the stars. Have one floral arrangement of vibrant lilies. Instead of regular votives purchase cheap candles in sea shell votives. Enclose your party space by sticking several tiki torches in the sand. Arrange the blankets around the fire pit/grill, set up an area for dancing and food. Oh and, don't forget to pack the kites!

Create a playlist with current summer hits and fun party music. BuzzSugar has created a fabulous summer playlist with songs that are sure to be a great background for your beach picnic.

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