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Clive Davis 2008 Pre-Grammy Party

By Fashion

Stunning, Whitney Houston is stunning in this Elie Saab Spring 2008 dress.

Dresses like this were made for divas like Whitney.

This is two for two hideous outfits for the gorgeous Rihanna, which is a huge shame.

I hope she is saving her best dress for tonight.


You may remember Lil Mama's ridiculous baby ensemble including a dummy when she attended the MTV Music Awards last year.

It looks like she has grown up a lot, because here she is wearing a dress from the Chanel 2008 Resort collection. Thank god she learns from her mistakes.

I love this look on Jordin Sparks as it is more grown up. She is still yet to discover her style, but she gets a thumbs up on this animal print dress.

I think this Christian Dior Spring 2008 ensemble is too much for this laid back occasion.

For once Dita Von Teese got it wrong.

When I comes to red carpet events, Fergie usually shoes of her best asset which is her legs.

Why on this occasion did she cover up her best assets with a maxi dress?

Even when maxi dresses were all the rage Fergie did not conform. In saying all that, the dress does look very nice on her.

Another person who went maxi was Alicia Keys.

I always wonder if celebs have true friends or mirrors, because a true friend would point out that deodorant mark right?

I can't even go into how hideous the make up is. She looks like a mannequin.

Ashanti's hair looks like she left curlers in her hair before stepping out to this event, but it is just her highlights.

The dress and the shoes are just OK, but the foundation is about 4 shades too light for her.

On anyone else this canary ensemble would not have worked, but on Zhang Ziyi it does beautifully.

A little boring for Lindsay Lohan, but I do love the colour on her.

Speaking of boring, Ashlee Simpson wore this knitted gold turtle neck dress.

I actually like Fantasia hair, she has the right kick ass attitude to pull it off, and I like the rough with the smooth contrast in the hair and the dress.....but, she should have kept her mouth closed.

This masculine look may have worked on Natasha Bedingfield had she not worn that hideous eyeshadow.

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