Clackety-clack - Make Your Own Typewriter Keyboard


Why is it that everything old looks so nice and classy? Will my square, black laptop one day be sought after as 'retro'? Is it that design was genuinely more stylish then? Have we now used up all the good ideas there are and need to recycle them? Or do we just hanker after a time when things were simpler? Whatever it is, there is definitely something stylish in old-fashioned typewriters, which modern day keyboards do not possess. Not generally, that is.

If you want a keyboard that sympathises with the olden days, that is truly retro and stylish in and of itself, well, you can't buy one. But don't give up hope! You can make one, and the Steampunk Workshop will show you how! With all the functionality of a regular keyboard, this labour of love looks passably like a typewriter and is designed to stand up to days of touch-typing without flinching. Clackety-clack noise not included.

How To Make One

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