Christian Lacroix Rouge Eau De Parfum Product Review


What: Robin tries ROUGE, $32, a spicy and sensual scent created by designer Christian Lacroix for Avon.

The Lowdown: Avon is so not your mother’s Avon anymore. Just the design of ROUGE’s ornate red glass bottle alone makes me want to display it on my bathroom counter for all to see, and since it’s emblazoned with the name of one of the most renowned designers in the world, it definitely looks expensive. It smells pricy, too—the scent is described as follows: “A burst of citrus and spices unveils a floral heart wrapped in the most sensual cashmere woods.” In short, there’s nothing light about this perfume. As far as citrus, I’m certainly no nose, but I can’t seem to find that note anywhere—overall, it’s bold, heavy and mature. It smells like a special night out, but definitely not something you’d wear everyday to the office.

Yea or Nay: If you’re into heavier scents that linger long after you’ve exited a room, then yea. If you’re more of the clean, invigorating perfume persuasion, then nay.

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