Chloe Saskia Square Tote


Being a clean lines, quirky-classic sort of girl, Chloe never appealed to me with their fuss and their more-is-more philosophy for handbags. Never did understand the Paddington craze — it’s a HUGE padlock! on a purse! that’s already so darn busy! In later campaigns, they introduced the Edith that just about bored me to tears. Sitting somewhere in the middle is this Saskia Square Tote. It’s got the jumble of straps and seams and pockets that make it unmistakably Chloe… a cleaned-up Chloe. The lucite handles add unexpected retro chic and the splash of color in this turquoise version adds a little bit of spring-summer fun. I’m still not convinced, but if you are, pick this up at Net-a-Porter for a cool $2G.

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