Cherry Pie Two Ways - Beginner & Expert

Just as I have to have pumpkin pie in winter, no summer can pass without a delicious cherry pie. With the help of canned cherries and premade pie crust, a simple pie can be assembled in a matter of minutes. If you aren't much of a baker, serve guests this beginner's pie and tell them you made everything homemade. Trust me no one will know the difference! If you are like me, an experienced baker with many a scrumptious pies under her apron's tightly knotted belt, make a flaky pastry dough and release some stress pitting fresh cherries. Whatever your cooking level, every home cook can wow guests with one of these amazing cherry pie recipes. This fruity dessert is divine after a barbeque and pairs perfectly with a cold glass of champy. Tempted? Wait till you see the recipes:

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