Cheap Bastard


Today I saw a cheap bastard imitation of this fabulous bag. Broke my heart. It just further cemented the fact that horrid cheap knock offs are just a TOTAL waste of money. No one is buying it. Any person with a pulse and 2 good eyes can spot a knock off from a mile away. If you want a nice bag but can't afford a designer bag (which I can't) PLEASE don't dare buy some pleather looking, padlock having, awful parody of the real thing.

Pictured the real frickin gorgeous deal!! Paddington Cross Body Bag by Chloe $1800 (from Neimas Marcus)

The fake bag ( I will not promote that beast by placing a picture or where to purchase it), didn't even bother to scratch a fake "Chloe" on the padlock. It had zippers where zippers should never be, and the pleather was so thin you could poke your finger through it if you really tried.


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