Chanel Metallic Gilt Leather Bag ...

February 5, 2007

Chanel Metallic Gilt Leather Bag
Ever wonder what looks best with your silver-tone or gold-tone hardware designer bag…

Gold metals:
> Beige and olive-toned complexions.
> Hair colors range widely, from dark brunettes through pale blondes, but tend toward honeyed and red tones - from rich chocolate browns to pale honey blondes.

> The eyes may be any color, but are most often darker shades and tend toward shades of brown and hazel.

> Looks best in rich, warm colors of clothing and accessories. Yellows, oranges, browns, reds, even warmer shades of purple can look good. If lighter shades of color are desired, it’s best to go with bright shades as opposed to pastels.

Silver metals:
> Ivory and cream-toned complexions.
> Hair colors tend to be cooler, ash tones, although the hair can range from dark (blue-black) to very pale blondes (platinum or bright yellow blonde).

> Eye colors can, of course, vary through the normal spectrum, but do tend toward pale blue and green.

> Look best in cooler colors of clothing and accessories. Blues, greens, soft grays, and cool violets. Light shades - pastels and muted colors - are especially flattering, although deep jewel-tones of Emerald green and Amethyst violet are great choices for festive occasions.

What looks best with Chanel’s new Metallic Gilt Leather Bag? Everything! I don’t know about you guys but I never mix gold and silver jewelry together

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