Chanel Calfskin Logo Flap Bag

Chanel offers lots of fantastic and luxe bags each season, but since they’re a classics maker, there isn’t always much too unique to shout about. Still, the bags are fabu, and I vow now to blog more about this brand favored among many. (Including myself, oh my first Chanel, come to me!)

For Spring, there are a lot of bright whites and luxe skins, but what catches my fancy most is something I think is actually a bit new and different. It’s a calfskin flap bag - standard enough, but it’s the logo I love (well, for a different reason from usual). The Chanel inverted Cs continue on from flap to bag body … and of course, because it is Chanel after all, they flow seamlessly and align perfectly. Super swoon!

Wow, I really need my first Chanel soon … or two.

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