CES 2007: Vizio’s 47 Inch HD 1080P LCD for $1650

In time for CES, Vizio has announced a slew of affordable LCDs and Plasmas. When we read about the price point and specs for the GV47LF, we decided that we had to go and see it for ourselves. Was it to good to be true - A 47 inch LCD with 1080p for $1899? Surely there had to be a catch. The specs read 2 HDMI ports, 2 component ports, a 1920×1080 resolution and a 8ms response time. In person the GV47LF turns out to be stunning, with super sharp and colorful visuals coming from a 1080p source. The design of the plasma itself is clean yet stylish with a set of beautiful but unusual touch-sensitive controls on the case. We also appreciate that it comes with a speaker and a stand, two things that many companies often skimp out on. The GV47LF would be suitable for almost any surrounding and definitely add to the wow factor of any room. We still cant believe that its only $1899 – that is not just affordable, that is a steal. And Costco customers can score a $250 off coupon on it this week, making it just $1650. Unheard of.

Next up we got to take a look at the Maximvs- A 60 inch Plasma behemoth beauty with 4 HDMI ports and 1080p input support. We don’t get how they are managing to offer it at this price. Like the GV47LF, the Maximvs also has rich vibrant and sharp colors that blew us away. Packed into a 4.8 inch thick spectacular bronze frame, the TV also has two spiffy speakers that down-fire to a removable translucent sound reflector, thus illuminating the need to have the speakers take up extra space. There is nothing else on the market this big with this high standard for quality and a top notch feature set at this price. While large LCD and plasma televisions have been dropping in price, devices supporting 1080p input still cost a pretty penny because they are the most future proof. Vizio is opening the door for everyone to be able to afford the latest and the best for your home theater. Both TVs also come with a remote and an easy-to-understand visual instruction manual because Vizio understands how confusing it can be to set up a home theater system properly.

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