8 Celebrity Men with the Prettiest Faces ...

Ok, let me make it clear at the outset that this is not a list of the most rugged handsome hunks out there. If you feel like pouring into a list of those kinds of men, you might as well look elsewhere. Here, I’ve literally compiled a list of the ‘prettiest’ faces, or men who have chocolate boy, clean shaven good looks. They are all handsome men, at least according to me, and they have that added advantage: they are secure in the way they look and feel about themselves. They don’t go out of their way to fill in a hyper-dose of macho ruggedness, just to prove their manliness. It needs no proof. They are sexy, suave and pretty, and are happy about being that way. So here they are...the 8 celebrity men with the prettiest faces (in no necessary order).

1. Andy Roddick

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This handsome tennis player has been around for ages now, but no ones tires of looking at him. Apart from his clean good looks, he has endearing qualities that make him a man of many women’s dreams. He talks well, is very frank about himself, has a sense of humor (even in defeat) and plays his heart out every time. In spite of crashing before his nemesis, Roger Federer (who is also on this list) almost each time they play, his optimism and spirit are infectious. He is also perhaps the only American celebrity who no one hates anywhere in the world. After all, could anyone have imagined that it would be an American sportsman who would bust the myth that you can’t be gracious and ultra-competitive at the same time?

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