Celebrity Love Dolls, Anyone?


Okay, this post is for the boys only. Which celebrity love doll would you like to satisfy you, uhmmm – orally, vaginally or anally. (Sorry, I'm just quoting the actual words from the package!)

There's this set of celebrity sex dolls or love dolls and they're being sold for about $20 each. If you're a guy who's living in a fantasy land, you can take your very own Hollywood celebrity home and do whatever it is that guys do with sex dolls.

The funny thing is that they're named after the shows which made the celebrity dollthat they're modeled after famous! Check out some of the names:

• Pamela Love Doll: Busty blonde bombshell on duty!

• JHo Famous Fanny Love Doll: Booty from the block!

Dirty Christina Fantasy Doll: Let's get dirty!

• Jessica Sin Love Doll: Explore the dark side of this sexy lil' "Angel"!

• Paris Love Doll: She's a high-class piece of ass!

• Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll: Take her for a test drive!

Photo Credit: PopBytes

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