Top 40 Celebrities Criminal Records with Mugshots!

They have it all: looks, money and in some cases parents with lots of money, or a sparkling career. However that doesn't seem to be enough for some of them, they still cross the line and get in trouble with the law. Keep reading and see if your favourite celebrity is on the list or if he/she is still on the right side of the law.

40. Tonya Harding

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This girl was once one of the greatest skating queens in the US. She won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and she also became number 2 in the World Championships in 1991. However she's most known because of the scandal in 1994 when her competitor Nancy Kerrigan was so harmed that she couldn't compete in the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. It appeared that Harding's ex-husband hired a man to do the harm to Kerrigan, and Harding knew about the attack before it took place. That's not the only time Harding has been in trouble with the law though. In 2000 Harding was sentenced to 3 days in jail for punching her ex-boyfriend and throwing a hubcap on him. Two years later she was out driving her car drunk.

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