7 Celebrities Who Quit Smoking ...

Celebrities certainly have no problem supporting any of their habits regardless of how bad, extravagant or even plain crazy those habits might be. Some of them have never fallen under the nicotine spell, some are not even trying to resist it and some… well, let’s just say the list of celebrities who quit smoking runs pretty long! Handsome Brad Pitt, beautiful Charlize Theron and wacky Whoopi Goldberg are just some of them so keep reading and you’ll find out more about celebrities who quit smoking and methods they used to deal with this bad habit.

1. Gisele Bundchen

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Weight gain is to be expected once you quit smoking and it’s one of the reasons many people are still reluctant to kick this bad habit out. Now, if we, regular people are so afraid of what the lack of nicotine could do to our bodies, imagine how gorgeous supermodel Gisele must have felt when she gained 15 pounds! Yes, a woman whose career depends on her good looks has actually managed to quit smoking back in 2007 and that extra weight… well, she certainly didn’t hold on it for too long.

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