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Catwalk to Photo Shoot - Michelle Williams in Vogue UK April 2008

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Michelle Williams has a photo-shoot and interview in the April 2008 edition of UK Vogue. The interview took place just a few weeks prior to Heath's death.

In my favourite picture above she is dressed in Balenciaga Spring 2008.

Here are some extracts from her interview:

On her split with Heath and how Matilda is "bigger than heartbreak": "Going through a breakup is a very humanizing experience. It just strips you to your core. You're nothing but feeling, nothing but emotion. There's no difference between my breakup and anyone else's, so to have to pretend that you're happy and sunny...I really only look back on it with love, because, Oh God, because of my daughter. I can't regret a single second of it because of this hell-raising cherub sleeping in the room next to me. [laughs] I hate to sound Pollyanna-ish about it, but that part is true. She's bigger than any heartbreak could ever be".

On her current focuses: "I've only got room for two things -- my work and Matilda -- and everything else has to take third or eighth position. Matilda comes to visit me everyday on-set, and she and I have an on-going conversation about what it means that I work".

On fashion: "I like doing photoshoots. My life is so plain in a way, and babycentric, I dress in that harried, hurried mom style. I wanted to look girlish, to play-act and tap dance".

"Fashion wasn't something I thought about for a long time. Then I thought about it too much. It's complicated, because if you can put the ugliness of vanity aside, dressing up is self-expression in its purest form".

On Matilda: "She's bigger than any heartbreak could ever be."

"I've only got room for two things

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