Carrie Bradshaw the Salvatore Ferragamo Ostrich Feather Bag

March 4, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Vanessa

Carrie Bradshaw: The Salvatore Ferragamo Ostrich Feather Bag
Ok, so we all know that Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate fashionista. She’s always sporting the latest looks by the hottest designers and starting the newest trends. Us fellow fashionista’s have been pretty lonely since the series finale of Sex and the City but have much to look forward to because of the release of the movie this spring. One of Sex and the City’s biggest appeals is the fashion. Fashionistas always anticipate Carrie Bradshaw’s latest shoes or newest funky bag. With the release of the movie creeping up on us, scenes from the movie have hit the internet leaving us all in awe over the fashion.

Miss Carrie Bradshaw was seen in a couple of scenes carrying the Salvatore Ferragamo Ostrich Feather Bag. This is definitely not your average handbag, nor would we expect Carrie Bradshaw to carry the average handbag. It boasts of soft, colorful ostrich feathers, brown leather lining and an ornate gold buckle. Its safe to say that you will not go unnoticed carrying this bad. It is funky, vibrant, and in your face. It is nothing but unique. It can look fantastic with the right outfit but can easily turn into a disaster if accessorized with an already lively outfit. It screams Carrie Bradshaw but does it scream you?

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