Cancer Research Teams up with Clothes Show Trio

Cancer Research have reunited Clothes Show presenters Caryn Franklin, Jeff Banks, and Brenda Emmanus, for their 'Donate for a Difference' campaign. The charity are trying to encourage people to rummage around their homes to find unwanted items suitable for donation. Silver-streaked Caryn Franklin said: "We all have clothes in our wardrobes that we never wear, for whatever reason - too big, too small or just not right. What's no good for you could be perfect for someone else and at the same time, by donating it to a Cancer Research UK shop, you can help beat cancer. Each bag donated can raise up to £30, which will go towards beating this terrible disease." This is good news for me as it will mean more stuff in the charity shops for me to delve into. Apparently a whopping £66million of the charity's income came from donations made to its shops last year and each bag donated can raise up to £30 pounds so its well worth having a clear out.

Clothes Show Nostalgia

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