Cameron's Kinda Sorta Dress


Cameron Diaz had Justin Timberlake and everyone else in the world looking last night in the dress she was sporting at the MTV Movie Awards. I happened to be with a couple of gentlemen when Cameron took the stage and everyone dropped what they were doing. I am certain no one heard the words coming out of her mouth. I think they were all jealous of the front row who possibly got a lot more than they bargained for when they decided to go to the MTV Movie Awards. As of this morning, the verdict is still out on US Weekly's pole. It's a 50-50 tie on whether the dress selection was slutty or sexy. I guess that means it was 51-49 in favor of sexy before I voted.

This not quite there dress thing is becoming a habit for Cameron - remember this one she was sporting on TRL in May?

Source: US Weekly

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