C-string to Replace G-string?


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Ladies, I'll be honest: I've never understood how g-strings, or thongs, or any of that fancy underwear could possibly be comfortable. Yet, it's obviously very popular, so who am I to judge?

That said, there's a new breed or skimpy lingerie that may just put all its predecessors to shame. It's called the "c-string," and, it's being promoted by its creators as "invisible underwear."

In my humble opinion, if you're going to wear underwear this revealing, I'm not sure why you'd wear anything in the first place. Plus, this looks even more uncomfortable than a traditional thong, and far less likely to stay where it's supposed to.

However, as noted on the product site, you wouldn't have to worry about "panty-lines" or "tan-lines," so maybe this is more useful than it might at first appear. To judge for yourself, you can view some photos that are undoubtedly unsafe for your office here.

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