Burned, but Not Orange

As if getting a dink letter from the AFF yesterday wasn't enough, I got another letter from them today to let me know that not only did I not advance, but I am not being considered for the University of Texas' 2006 Burnt Orange Productions Award either.

You know, I was actually okay with this yesterday. After all, there were over 4000 entries in the AFF so it's not that odd that my Nicholl top 10%'r got no love in my own beloved state. (like how I keep throwing that 10% thing out there?) But the Burnt Orange? Only 900 entries! I can't advance with only 900 entries? What the???

So this letter basically says to me, "Hey, remember when we told you yesterday that we didn't like your screenplay? WE REALLY MEAN IT!"

Ouch -- deep in the heart of Texas.

Hey! Wait a corn-shuckin' minute! The Burnt Orange is sponsored by the University of Texas? And my protagonist went to Baylor?

That explains E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

What? Shut up! How else am I supposed to live with rejection in the homeland? How else am I supposed to sleep at night? It's college rivalry or a ten gallon hat of tequila and all I have to drink in the house right now is diet vanilla Pepsi and half a bottle of Dayquil.

I can tell ya right now, I am NOT drinking the Dayquil and you know why? It's burnt orange, that's why! Take THAT, AFF!

Then again, how hard can it be to edit the screenplay and swap Bears for Longhorns?

Okay, AFF, see ya next year.


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