Brooke Shields Forgives Tom Cruise for Being an Asshat

Notice how she calls Katie "Kate", because that’s the approved, more mature name for the mother of the second Thetan.

Brooke Shields is explaining how she ended up at TomKat’s media-swarmed November nuptials after their whole postpartum depression kerfuffle, and even proves her familiarity with the rumor-plagued pair by calling Holmes by her shortened, Cruise-approved moniker.

"I’ve known Tom since I was 15," the actress tells Life of her onetime "Endless Love" co-star. "I don’t think I let anyone down by reconciling [with him]. I never changed my beliefs. So when Kate called me herself to invite us to the wedding, it would have felt like a slap to say no." Stresses Shields, "Our daughters were born the same day in the same hospital, so they’re connected, too. We went because we’re friends, and it was an unbelievable event. And now we can go on with our lives."

How long until she gets caught TPing Tom and Katie’s mansion? Just sayin’.

Via MSN Entertainment

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